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An oasis of peace and healing just steps away from busy Patong Beach
and the Andaman Sea, Anda Spa offers the perfect way to spend
the middle of the day, out of the hot sun.


  Relaxing massage & body treatments
Anda Swedish Massage
1 hr
Anda Royal Touch
2 hrs
Anda Pleasure
3 hrs
Anda Thai Touch
3 hrs

Tel: 0 7629 6294, 0 7634 0530 Ext 1608


The Sweetest Promotion is the exciting new spa therapy programme at Anda Spa set next to Patong Beach in the Club Andaman Beach Resort.

Khun Jitnipa Choowej is a leader in Phuket’s spa industry creating the most therapeutic combinations of spa treatments to leave her guests refreshed and rejuvenated.

“The Sweetest Promotion uses the natural healing properties of cocoa chocolate to replenish the skin. Chocolate is known for its aroma but it is also a wonderful anti-oxidant and skin soother,” she says. “First, we soothe the senses and tempt the taste buds with the chocolate body scrub to remove dry and dead skin. This is followed by an aromatherapy massage using the essential oil of choice and then a warm chocolate mask is applied to the body to make the skin soft and give a youthful glow.”

This new signature treatment also includes a milk bath in the warm Jacuzzi pool and finishes with a honey and chamomile facial. Mango, cocoa and shea butters are used as part of the treatment.

Anda Spa offers a complete menu of healing therapies that restore and refresh the body, mind and spirit. Khun Jitnapa has had a life long interest in beauty and health therapies and products. She has taken her extensive training and opened a collection of spas in the Andaman region using a collection of carefully chosen oils and creams.

“Much of the success of facials and body treatments depends on the quality of the products used,” she explains. “I import the finest oils and creams for my guests such as the Guinot line from the Institute of Paris and also Lydia Jordane as her products are non-allergenic and made with the purest ingredients available.”

Khun Jitnipa has devised a menu of Anda facial treatments such as the Aromatherapy which cleanses and exfoliates the skin removing excess oil and impurities followed by a combination of rhythmic massage and pressure point massage using the purest essential oils to moisturize and revitalize the skin.

The Thai Exotica Mask nourishes and beautifies the skin all over the body. It includes tumeric to soothe and whiten the skin, white clay to remove impurities and shrink open pores and finally an application of Thai honey to nourish the skin.

The Anda Spa menu has some irresistible therapy packages that provide three hours of pampering. The Andaman Beauty Package starts with an application of papaya and Thai honey wrap which cleans the skin and is followed by aloe vera cream smoothed onto the body. Next is an aromatherapy massage with a choice of selected oils. Finally, this package ends with a Clarifying Treatment, an hour of deep facial cleansing designed to stimulate skin rejuvenation.

The Anda Spa is set in delightful Thai style beach bungalows, an oasis of peace and healing where guests can be assured of exotic and relaxing body therapies with the best quality spa products.

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