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Part of the joy of experiencing massage and spa treatments
is being surrounded by the beauty of Asian interiors that relax the mind.
Discover a Haven of Serenity with the Thai Art of Wellness off the busy
streets of Patong.


  Massage therapies & healing oils & creams from Thailand
Aromatherapy Massage
1 hr
Traditional Thai Massage
1 hr
Deevana Pampering
1 hr 30 min
Ayodhaya Bliss
3 hrs
Sun-Kissed Soother
3 hrs

Tel: 0 7634 1414-5,
0 7634 1705 Ext. Spa


Set back from the busy streets of exciting Patong Beach sits the Deevana Patong Resort, a comfortable resort of 278 new rooms. Central to the resort is the recently opened Deevana Spa managed by Eureka Spa Company that operates many of this region’s better centres of healing and rejuvenation. Parnjai Muantsin is the General Manager and experiments with massage therapies and healing oils and creams both in Thailand and in Europe. She imports facial products from France as she insists upon providing the purest skin treatments.

Part of the joy of experiencing massage and spa treatments is being surrounded by the beauty of Asian interiors that relax the mind. Deevana Spa is beautiful with soft natural colours with the use of local woods and textiles in decoration.

At the start of each treatment, the guest is invited to enjoy the fragrant steam room and showers that are separated for men and women. This allows the body to relax and for the cells to open in preparation for soothing treatments.

The spa menu is extensive and offers exotic treatments complemented with the use of colourful tropical flowers. There are facial treatments, body masks, scrubs and wraps and a variety of Deevana packages that combine complimentary treatments.

An example of these deluxe package treatments is the Deevana Pampering that begins with an Aromatic Sea Salt Glow Wrap. Sea salts have been purified to allow the ultimate cleansing of the skin. All tired cells and dead skin are gently removed before a comforting bath of refreshing minerals and a garden of tropical flowers. Specially designed elegant white bathtubs have gentle jacuzzi functions which massage the body while the minerals clarify and nourish. The lighting is kept low and the mood is of relaxing comfort.

After rinsing, the massage therapist returns to offer an extended aromatherapy massage that works on tight muscles from the neck down to the feet.

For those wanting to experience the Best of Deevana, the ultimate signature treatment and a four hour retreat into personal pleasure, guests can choose among therapies which include seaweed mud wrap, milk bath, rejuvenation facial treatment, Swedish massage or aromatic sea salt glow. There are also many other options to choose from which complement Deevana’s exotic treatments and packages.

Deevana Spa offers a selection of massages including the popular Traditional Thai Massage and Swedish Massage. A personalized two hour massage treatment given by a Thai masseur master and recommended for those with a specific problem or for athletes injured from over exercise or accidents is also offered.

Relax in the middle of the afternoon or early evening with a treat of pleasure at Deevana Spa. Enjoy a Haven of Serenity with the
Thai Art of Wellness.

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