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  Lemongrass House in Surin

Some years ago while on holiday in Thailand, Bobby Duchowny visited
an organic farm in Petchaboon province and became interested
in the natural healing properties of Thai herbs and spices.
Aromatherapy Massage & Body Oils
Blended Aroma Oils
Lemongrass & Citronella Candles
Hand Made Glycerin Soap
Body & Face Scrubs & Masks
Aromatic Room Sprays
Shower Gels & Andaman Bath Crystals
Hair Care & Conditioners
Hydrating Face/Body Creams & Oils
Essential oils in over 90
delightful fragrances

Lemongrass House
Tel: 0 7632 5022


“Bobby Duchowny studied aromatherapy — a healing art that promotes massage, when combined with specific herb and spice oils, as a method to reduce stress, boost energy and heal certain physical ailments – at the American Aromatherapy Association.

“Some years ago while on holiday in Thailand, he visited an organic farm in Petchaboon province and became interested in the natural healing properties of Thai herbs and spices.

“I was particularly attracted to lemon grass as it was used in many popular Thai foods, as a medicine for stomach disorders and even as a repellent for mosquitoes,” he recalls.

Bobby used lemon grass as his signature herb to create a line of essential oils, face and body creams, shower gels and bath crystals, which he and his wife Palita sold at Bangkok’s world-famous Weekend Market.


  “What started, several years ago, as a modest enterprise has blossomed into a successful operation offering 90 oils and a wide range of body care products through eleven outlets, as well as supplying many of Thailand’s top resorts and spas with aromatherapy oils.


“Our advantage is that we produce the freshest spa products and our stock is never kept longer than three months; using fresh spa products is like eating fresh food rather than processed food.”

“Based on his years experiences at some of the top spas in Southeast Asia, Bobby has developed a full line of healthy skin care products. For example, his hydrating face and body creams have 25 per cent aloe vera, white orchid and cucumber extracts. And he’s developed a revitalizing mineral muscle soak made from Andaman sea salt crystals, blended with white orchid and chamomile extracts, to help draw out impurities and soothe and revive tense muscles.

“People are sensitive to different scents at different times of day. It’s a good idea to get a variety of essential oils and experiment with what smells and feels good,” he says. “Our aromatherapy massage and body oils can be either uplifting or calming to the spirit. They’re carefully balanced hand blended oils created by adding fragrant pure essential oils to nourishing, vitamin E enriched, sweet almond and jojoba base oils.

“Other therapies include a Thai tanaka and seaweed face mask used for centuries in Asia as a rejuvenator for skin damaged by the sun. But the Lemongrass House foundation is built on the fragrant, highly concentrated essential oils that are volatile extracts of flowers, leaves, spices, fruits, woods and roots, each with its own benefits to the body and mind.

“Lemongrass House on Phuket is located across from Surin Beach. Here Bobby and Palita offer their full range of spa products at modest prices, making perfect gifts for friends and family who can enjoy the aromatic scents of Asia in the privacy of their homes – no matter where in the world they live.

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